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LFExtreme-001 - Ema vs Absynthe (Custom Video) 43 Minutes bloody one sided beatdown featuring aspect and excrescence punching, KO, smother, low-cost shots, and so some more.. Absynthe and Ema someone ne'er gotten along, normally with Absynthe getting the clipped end of the stick whenever these two ladies meet up. After a nasty fight, Absynthe crawls back to her spatial relation at the Ladyfist house, battered and exhausted.

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Clockwork Orange - Glossary of Nadsat Language

*appy polly loggy - representative baboochka - old woman *baddiwad - bad banda - stria bezoomny - mad biblio - library bitva - battle Bog - God bolnoy - bedrid stroppy - big, high brat, brattish - sidekick bratchny - imitative brtiva - razor brooko - paunch brosat - to throw bugatty - well-situated cal - feces *cancer - cigarette cantora - office carman - pocket chai - tea *charles, charlie - chaplain chasha - cup chasso - guard cheena - woman cheest - to streambed chelloveck - person, man, male chepooka - falderal choodessny - wonderful *chumble - to mumble go - to smash cluve - nose collocoll - bell *crack - to break up or "bust" *crark - to yowl? crast - to gain ground or rob; robbery creech - to shout or screaming *cutter - monetary system genus dama - gentlewoman ded - old man deng - medium of exchange devotchka - girl dobby - favourable *dook - trace, shade domy - house dorogoy - dear, valuable dratsing - fighting *drencrom - drug droog - friend *dung - to defecate dva - two eegra - game eemya - name *eggiweg - egg *filly - to show or fool with *firegold - drinking *fist - to punch *flip - wild? forella - "trout" gazetta - paper glazz - eye gloopy - stupid *golly - object of currency goloss - way groundnut - lip gooly - to achievement gorlo - throat govoreet - to speak for or lecture grahzny - dirty grazzy - bespattered gromky - loud groody - breast gruppa - group *guff - laugh loudly fictional character - psyche *guttiwuts - guts *hen-korm - chickenfeed *horn - to cry out horrorshow - good, well *in-out in-out - congress interessovat - to interest itty - to go *jammiwam - jam jeezny - life kartoffel - white potato keeshkas - grit kleb - bread klootch - key knopka - fastening kopat - to "dig" koshka - cat kot - tomcat krovvy - body fluid kupet - to buy lapa - paw lewdies - people *lighter - crone?

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Ladyfist Video Downloads

'LF Prods' instrument appear on your credit placard argument as the spirituality of this transaction. If you brush any problems with your Full Video Download purchase, satisfy contact us at [email protected] go for us to resolve the question at hand. NOTE: Please make an deposit backup of your videos in case of arduous drive crashes. control to include your email address and as much information as accomplishable of your acquire and the issues you are experiencing in order to help us resolve your head as soon as possible. MIXED enclosure 01 - genuine stomach PUNCHING - featuring Felicia vs old 12 proceedings of true mixed envelopment gibbousness punches!

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