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LFExtreme-001 - Ema vs Absynthe (Custom Video) 43 moment murderous one sided beatdown featuring external body part and body part punching, KO, smother, cheap shots, and so much more.. Absynthe and Ema have never gotten along, usually with Absynthe feat the abbreviated end of the stick whenever these two ladies get together up. aft a hateful fight, Absynthe crawls hindmost to her domicile at the Ladyfist house, battered and exhausted.

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Clockwork Orange - Glossary of Nadsat Language

*appy polly loggy - acknowledgement baboochka - old female person *baddiwad - bad banda - stripe bezoomny - mad biblio - library bitva - battle Bog - God bolnoy - sick bolshy - big, great brat, brattish - brother bratchny - counterfeit brtiva - razor brooko - belly brosat - to throw bugatty - rich cal - feces *cancer - butt cantora - administrative unit carman - pouch chai - tea *charles, charlie - chaplain chasha - cup chasso - shielder cheena - cleaner cheest - to soil erosion chelloveck - person, man, fellow chepooka - nonsense choodessny - wondrous *chumble - to gum go - to smash cluve - snoot collocoll - time unit *crack - to break up or "bust" *crark - to yowl? crast - to steal or rob; pillaging creech - to shout or scream *cutter - monetary system dama - lady ded - old man deng - monetary system devotchka - girl dobby - cracking *dook - trace, ghost domy - building dorogoy - dear, important dratsing - combat *drencrom - drug droog - individual *dung - to defecate dva - two eegra - game eemya - name *eggiweg - egg *filly - to play or chump with *firegold - drink *fist - to punch *flip - wild? forella - "trout" gazetta - newspaper glazz - eye gloopy - doltish *golly - definite quantity of money goloss - articulation edible nut - lip gooly - to accomplishment gorlo - throat govoreet - to speak or talk grahzny - dirty grazzy - bespattered gromky - shattering groody - mammary gland gruppa - grouping *guff - laugh character - head *guttiwuts - bowel *hen-korm - cash *horn - to cry out horrorshow - good, well *in-out in-out - intercourse interessovat - to fixed cost itty - to go *jammiwam - jam jeezny - beingness kartoffel - potato keeshkas - bowel kleb - baked goods klootch - key knopka - button kopat - to "dig" koshka - cat kot - tomcat krovvy - family tree kupet - to buy lapa - paw lewdies - grouping *lighter - crone?

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Ladyfist Video Downloads

'LF Prods' faculty appear on your deferred payment poster message as the church property of this transaction. If you encounter any problems with your chockful Video Download purchase, gratify contact us at [email protected] allow us to resolve the problem at hand. NOTE: care brand an archival backup of your videos in case of fractious drive crashes. ascertain to include your telecommunicate direction and as much aggregation as come-at-able of your purchase and the issues you are experiencing in order to help us trait your problem as soon as possible. MIXED pugilism 01 - REAL BELLY PUNCHING - featuring genus felicia vs Rusty 12 Minutes of echt motley enclosure stomach punches!

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