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BDSM, Personality and Mental Health | Psychology Today

A recent survey on the scientific discipline life story of BDSM (bondage-discipline, dominance-submission, sadism-masochism) practitioners has attracted a cracking deal of media attention, with headlines proclaiming that “S&M practitioners are fit and little folie than those with a tamer sex life.” tho' BDSM has often in the past been thought to be associated with psychopathology, the authors of the study argued that practitioners are loosely psychologically healthy, if not thomas more so in some respects, compared to the general population. However, it should be noted that well-nigh of the obvious science benefits of being a professional person applied to those in the ascendant rather than the obedient role. Additionally, the scrutiny judicial decision need to be treated with some caution because it is not clear that the comparability group is a cracking cooperation of the general population.

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Were Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot atheists? - Freethought Nation

” argument to point fingers in the opposite direction whenever devout atrocities are raised, defenders of religion much carry up the whimsey that both of the most destructive and genocidal ideologies in history, Communism, Nazism and “Pol Potery,” were “atheistic,” because their leaders were “atheists.” In my record book , likewise enclosed in an Examiner article, “Is atheism the answer, Part 3? ”, which is the origin for the next-to-last two paragraphs of commentary here. (All facts in the following selection are carefully cited in from reliable sources.) Were Stalin, nazi and Pol Pot atheists?

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These effigies are successful of items dedicated to Eleggua, with cowries for beauty treatment features. They are all but commonly located behind or near doors for protection, or kept on altars to receive offerings (ebo) made to the Orisha.

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