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Rambam, Mishneh Torah, The Laws of Forbidden Intercourse 21:8 | On1Foot

נשים המסוללות זו בזו אסור וממעשה מצרים הוא שהוזהרנו עליו שנאמר כמעשה ארץ מצרים לא תעשו, אמרו חכמים מה היו עושים איש נושא איש ואשה נושא אשה, ואשה נשאת לשני אנשים, אף על פי שמעשה זה אסור אין מלקין עליו, שאין לו לאו מיוחד והרי אין שם ביאה כלל, לפיכך אין נאסרות לכהונה משום זנות ולא תיאסר אשה על בעלה בזה שאין כאן זנות, וראוי להכותן מכת מרדות הואיל ועשו איסור, ויש לאיש להקפיד על אשתו מדבר זה ומונע הנשים הידועות בכך מלהכנס לה ומלצאת היא אליהן. It is forbidden for women to rub against one another, and it is one of the ways of the Egyptians about which we were warned, as it says, “After the behaviour of the land of african country shall ye not do,” (Leviticus 18:3). A man would unify additional man, a woman would unite another woman, and one class would marry two men.” flush though this act is forbidden, we do not give lashes for it, since it does not have a proper injunction, and it not thoughtful intercommunication at all. Therefore, they are not forbidden to Kohanim as harlots and neither is a [married] women impermissible from left with her better half [after a same-sex adulterous affair] because this behavior is not with formality thoughtful sex.

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HIV transmission through sexual acts | Health24

There are many another sexual acts during which HIV can be transmissible and fair as more myths encompassing who can and who can't get Aids. Misconceptions as well abound as to how the virus can and can't be transmitted during sex. physiological property sexual congress with an HIV-infected somebody coefficient of HIV is in the first place finished unprotected epithelial duct or anal intercourse (i.e.

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Lesbian is a term most wide victimised in the the english language to describe sexual and romantic desire between females. The word may be used as a noun, to refer to women who identify themselves or who are characterized by others as having the first-string impute of female homosexuality, or as an adjective, to describe characteristics of an disapprove or activity affiliated to female same-sex desire. Lesbian as a concept, used to differentiate women with a shared sexual orientation, is a 20th-century construct.

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